Find the Right Mental Health Professional Among the Experienced Staff at Our Virginia, MN Office.

Rebecca Leaders

Degree: M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Specialty Areas: Couple/Marital and Family therapies; Conflict management and communication skills; Adolescent mental health issues and behavior modification; DBT, CBT, and Alpha-Stim certified. 
Populations Served: Adolescent to Geriatric age
Services: Individual, marital/couple, family or group therapies for adolescent to geriatric ages.

Barbara J. Thorne

Degree: MA, Licensed Psychologist
Specialty Areas: Children and families, sexual abuse, sexual perpetration/boundaries, trauma, divorce, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression
Populations Served: Children, families, some young adults (especially with sexual boundaries or developmental delays)
Services: Play therapy, CBT, limited EMDR, individual, family, testing, behavior management, CTSS therapy in Parkview and Vermilion Charter Schools

Cassandra Kotnik

Degree: Master’s in social work, MSW
Specialty Areas: SPMI, neurodevelopmental disorders, neurocognitive disorders, personality disorders
Populations Served: Adults 18 and over
Services: Trauma informed care, individual therapy, individual and group DBT, CBT, social learning theory, person-centered therapy, strengths based perspective, crisis intervention

Janis Allen

Degree: Master’s in social work, LICSW
Specialty Areas: Crisis, trauma, EMDR
Populations Served: Adults 18 and over
Services: Individual therapy, assessments, trauma processing – EMDR

Heather Roark

Degree: Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
Specialty Areas: PTSD/trauma, parent child interaction therapy (children 2-6 yrs.)
Populations Served: Children ages 0-5
Services: Individual and family therapy, assessment and evaluation, trauma focused CBT, PCIT, play therapy

Sara M. Ewing

Degree: Psy.D., LPCC – Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Virginia Outpatient Supervisor/Virginia Community Support Program Supervisor
Specialty Areas: SPMI, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, grief and loss, crisis intervention, disabilities, community support programs
Populations Served: Adults
Services: Individual therapy, CBT, REBT, existential therapy

Katie Nickolay

Degree: MSW, LGSW
Specialty Areas: SPMI, neurocognitive disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues
Populations Served: Adults 18 and over 
Services: CBT, DBT, person-centered, individual counseling, strengths based perspective

Taylor L. Draper

Degree: PhD, Outpatient Therapist
Specialty Areas: Stress, coping, and resilience
Populations Served: Adults 18 and over
Services: Assessments, psychological evaluation, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, couples counseling

Teresa Larrabee

Degree: MSW, LGSW
Specialty Areas: Trauma, sexual offending, PTSD, GLBT, SPMI, FAS, RAD, TBI, Autism, forensic cnslg, Drug crt
Populations Served: Ages 13 and over
Services: TF-CBT, CBT, DBT, person-centered, individual therapy, group therapy


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