Headshot of Brackin Miggins

Pronouns: She/Her

Title & Program: Treatment Director of the ADAPT program.

Credentials: BS

Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology

Hobbies: Sports, bonfires, kayaking, spending time up at the cabin on Rainy Lake.

When did you join RMHC? June 2013

Why do you work at RMHC? I chose to join the RMHC-ADAPT program in June 2013 as a mental health practitioner. I have always had a passion to work with children in some form or another and being a practitioner allowed me to do just that. This position gave me opportunities to listen, educate, and provide support/services to many families within the community.  Then in June 2021, I became the Treatment Director of the ADAPT program. My goals now are to expand our resources and continue to partner with schools and community agencies to ensure mental health services are accessible to all.

Support Range Mental Health