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Community Support Services

Improving quality of life through community support programs.

The Community Support Programs offered by Range Mental Health promotes the development of skills and access to resources needed for those who are diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness. 

Through our variety of programs, we help with all facets of support, including case management, peer support, housing, and support in the schools.

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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services are provided to the recipients either on a one-to-one basis or in group settings within the recipient’s home or in a community setting.

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Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Targeted Case Management assists adults with serious and persistent mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbance gain access to services.

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Peer Support Specialist Program

A certified peer support specialist has lived the experience of someone with mental illness and uses a non-clinical approach to help recipients discover strengths and develop their own unique recovery goals.

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Housing Support

Our Housing Program’s goal is to house and stabilize people with serious and persistent mental health issues who are experiencing homelessness.

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School Based Mental Health Services

Practitioners and professionals provide community and school-based mental health services in school districts within St. Louis County.

Our commitment is to our communities.

Providing comprehensive integrated behavioral health care services to the citizens of northern Minnesota thereby helping people achieve productive and dignified lives.

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