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Targeted Case Management (TCM)


Working collaboratively with individuals and their families to ensure they receive tailored care to meet their needs.

Targeted Case Management assists adults with serious and persistent mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbance gain access to services. Case managers help identify needed medical, social, educational, vocational, financial and other services as they relate to the client’s recovery from mental illness. 

We are a person-centered program. Service needs are determined by integrating diagnostic and functional assessments with your wishes. Once services are identified, Case Managers will work with you to obtain and maintain services.

Services provided:

  • Creating service plans that promote recovery from mental illness
  • Assisting clients in obtaining needed services
  • Assistance in obtaining coverage for medical services
  • Arranging for transportation, lodging and meals
  • Assessing effectiveness of services received
  • Monitoring client status and wellbeing
  • Participating in case reviews


  • All ages (children and adults)
  • Adults must have a serious and persistent mental illness. Children must have a severe emotional disturbance. Or has had a considerable amount of psychiatric hospitalizations or residential treatments.
  • Can benefit from Case Management services
  • Has insurance that is part of the Minnesota Health Care system of care. 

Why choose RMHC?

  • If you receive other mental health services at RMHC, your case manager has the ability to follow your treatment and consult with your providers with exclusive privilege. 
  • Your Case Manager has an increased ability to streamline you into needed RMHC services.  
  • Your Case Manager will have a variety of mental health professionals to consult with. 
  • Our Case Managers are very accessible to their clientele and have the ability to react to issues immediately.
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